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Mission Statement


At United Clinical Research we are dedicated in providing the utmost respect, courtesy, and integrity to each and every patient.  By providing different treatment options to best meet individual healthcare needs; not only do we offer the medicine of today, we help create the medicine of the future.

What are clinical trials? Just a general overview of clinical research.


Clinical trials are scientific studies conducted to discover more effective and efficient ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose, and treat disease. Clinical trials assist in obtaining information about what type of medical approach has the most efficacy with certain illnesses or groups of people. Clinical trials produce high-quality data used for healthcare decision making and each individual clinical trial has a protocol or action plan that is followed while conducting the specific trial. The plan describes what will be done in the study, the manner in which it will be conducted, and why each part of the study is necessary. Each clinical trial is overseen by a Principal Investigator, physicians are the only individuals who are qualified to be Principal Investigators, this is to ensure the safety and well-being of all study participants.



Background about United Gastroenterologists clinical research


United Clinical Research Department was established in 2014 by John J. Hong, M.D. and Thomas W. Eastman, D.O., both of whom are board certified gastroenterologists. At United Clinical Research, we conduct clinical research that leads to advancements in medical treatment by producing high quality data retrieved in a confidential, comfortable and safe environment. United Clinical Research consists of a state of the art surgery center and research site, both staffed with caring and knowledgeable professionals. We carefully and compassionately evaluate each study patient and firmly adhere to study protocol. By thoroughly planning for each study, we are able to deliver reliable and verifiable research results. Our site is fully equipped to conduct complex clinical research trials on behalf of our sponsors and our study trial participants

What diseases does United MD conduct studies trials for?


  • Crohns Disease
  • Ulcerative Colitis
  • NASH/ Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
  • Celiac Disease
  • C Diff
  • Healthy Volunteers

Who can participate?


Any one ages 18 and older and is able to sign a consent form. You must also have one of the above - listed indications. Some indications will vary depending on each particular study

How to participate?


There are several ways to contact our research department.


  1. Complete the “Join a Study” form on the website.
  2. Call (951) 566-5229 Ext. 8
  3. If you are an existing patient with in our practice, let your provider know you are interested in receiving more information about our clinical research.
  4. Log on to your patient portal and leave a message for the research department.



Why persons should participate?


  1. Individuals who participate in clinical study trials play an important and active role in providing information for the future of healthcare.
  2. Treatment at no cost- All participants receive treatment at no cost. Some study trials are long term and lasting for several months, which means participants will receive treatment and care for their chronic disease as long as they are an active participant in the study trial.
  3. Cutting edge and new medication- The medication studied in a study trial are the newest and latest medication to be indicated for treatment of a particular disease. However, all trial medications must pass rigorous FDA standards prior to being able to be tested on clinical trial participants. Participants are not in danger of serious harm during a clinical trial.
  4. Help future generations – Your contribution to research as participants can directly help loved ones in the future by assisting in the development of disease screening tools, diagnosis, medication and treatment of tomorrow. Medical research studies are a key component to the future of healthcare. Participating in a research study or a clinical trial has the potential to help both the individual participants and other individuals who have health conditions or diseases or individuals who might develop them in the future.
  5. Offering hope - Individuals who participate in clinical trials make it possible to offers new and better treatment for persons who suffer from serious and chronic health conditions.  Not all study trial treatments end with the intended outcome, however every single study trial helps scientists get one step closer to a breakthrough.
  6. Monetary Compensation - Some studies offer monetary compensation for the participant’s time during their participation in the study trial. Study trials vary in length and level of participation, meaning compensation will vary for each trial.

Who Can Participate?

How to Participate?



What are clinical trials?

Why Participate?

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