Shaelyn Salsbury, Au.D., CCC-A


Dr. Shaelyn Salsbury received her B.S. in Speech-Language Pathology in 2018 and her Doctor of Audiology degree from San Diego State University/University of California, San Diego’s joint doctoral program in 2022. Dr. Salsbury holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology (CCC-A) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is licensed in the state of California as a Dispensing Audiologist.

Dr. Salsbury has worked in a variety of clinical settings, including large hospitals, university clinics and private practice ENT. Dr. Salsbury is well versed in audiologic evaluations, hearing aids, osseointegrated devices and cochlear implants.

Her doctoral research focused on the utility of self-fitting hearing aids. Dr. Salsbury worked closely with UCSD’s engineering team to pioneer one of the first wearable, self-adjusting speech-processing platforms.

Regardless of the avenue, Dr. Salsbury’s passion lies in helping people hear better; she understands that hearing plays a vital role in a person’s quality of life, which is why she strives to provide the best care for her patients.

Medical Education
San Diego Au.D. Program (Joint Program between San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego), Au.D.

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