Athena Doss


Athena Doss, a fourth-year audiology resident, will be with United Medical this year for the final rotation of her doctoral program. Athena received her B.A. in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences in 2020 from San Diego State University. She is currently obtaining her Doctor of Audiology degree through San Diego’s joint doctoral program (SDSU/UCSD).

Athena’s passion lies in helping patients achieve healthy hearing and creating a lasting impact on the lives of the community around her. Athena Doss has worked in Dr. Peter Torre III’s research lab at SDSU for nearly 6 years. Her doctoral research focuses on the underlying cochlear function of music-major musicians and how they compare to non-musicians.

Her clinical interests include diagnostics, amplification, cochlear implants and osseo-integrative devices. Athena works closely with Dr. Shaelyn Painter and our audiology team to provide quality, patient-centered care.

Athena enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, and kickboxing in her free time.

Medical Education:
Enrolled – San Diego Au.D. Program (Joint Program (SDSU/UCSD))
San Diego State University, BA

Temecula – T: (951) 404-0911 | 44605 Avenida De Missiones, Ste. 205, Temecula, CA 92592